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Tournament Rules
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Official Punishment Table for Tournaments.

The following is the list of punishments that can be handed out to our contestants for violating specific rules. There are two kinds of penalties, minor and major.

Minor Penalties - the following penalties warrant a match loss in both lives and tournaments.

Performing illegal actions during a game.
Hosting with a watcher’s password.

A player is given a warning after performing one of the above actions, the 2nd time they are handed a two week ban that will result into disqualification from all tournaments they are in, including clashes. If the player does the same penalties again he or she is permanently banned.

Major Penalties - the following penalties warrant a match loss in lives and disqualification in clashes.

Getting reported by the opponent for harassment
Harassment and rejection of a TO’s ruling after it has been explained

A player immediately receives a 2 week ban after performing one of these violations, a 2nd time results into a permanent ban.

Using an illegal card in tournaments:

If it’s the first match of the player in the tournament and the deck has changed the player needs to continue playing with that deck for the entire tournament, if it is not the first round then it results into a disqualification.
If the card being used is illegal from play by the Konami Forbidden & Limited list or from a custom banlist, then the player is immediately disqualified.

If a player is late to his match for more than 15 minutes, a match loss is issued. If a player is late for 10 minutes but less than 15, a game loss is issued.
If a player wants to leave during a game, they may.
The above 3 circumstances do NOT warrant a warning.
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